Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria writes:

  • Hong Kong is far richer than the rest of China and a window into the country’s future.
  • The rise in US oil and gas production along with the slowing Chinese growth and appetite – a 0% increase in oil demand in 2014 versus 7% annual over the past decade – are the major reasons for the collapse in oil prices in 2014.
  • The drop in oil prices will shape the next chapter of Russia.
  • Producing countries like Russia and Venezuela will suffer from falling oil prices, while consuming countries like China, India and Indonesia will benefit – with one exception, the US, because it is both the largest producer and consumer of oil.
  • The trends look positive for America:
    • Lower oil prices could make combative countries more cautious.
    • The recovery looks sustainable and increasingly robust.
    • American tech companies continue to dominate the industries of the future.
    • American society remains vibrant, fueled by immigration.
    • American government has performed extremely well relative to Japan and Europe.

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