Derek James Hoggett

Chief Executive Manager

Chief Investment Officer and Chief Compliance Officer

Derek Hoggett graduated from London University with a BS honors degree in Mathematics.

Mr. Hoggett has over thirty years of investment industry experience. His interest in investing began while he was studying to be an actuary in London, England. He joined Merrill Lynch as a stockbroker in London in 1976 and transferred to its Houston, Texas office in 1977.

In 1981, Mr. Hoggett founded Hoggett & Co, Inc., a broker-dealer firm which changed its name to Investa, Inc. in 1982. In 1987, Investa, Inc. switched from a broker-dealer firm to a fee-only registered investment advisory firm. Hoggett Kalas & Co. Inc. was formed to take over the broker-dealer license. Hoggett Kalas was sold in 1998.

Investa, Inc. specialized in the use of index option overwriting strategies, which use stock and index options to generate addition income in client portfolios. In 2008, Investa, Inc. switched from money management to developing investment information databases. Mr. Hoggett serves as President.

In 1982, Mr. Hoggett founded Telescan, Inc., a computerized stock market analysis and database company. Telescan was sold in 1986.

In 1988, Mr. Hoggett founded Oz Software, Inc., a developer and publisher of information databases and web sites. Mr. Hoggett serves as President.  

Mr. Hoggett is a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas. 


Mike Pore Ph.D.

Director of Investment Mathematics

Managing Partner

Mike Pore graduated from the University of Texas with a BA in Mathematics, and from Texas Tech University with a MS in Mathematics (Mathematical Statistics) and a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Mathematical Statistics). Dr Pore is a member of the American Statistical Association.

Dr. Pore was Assistant Professor of Mathematics at 1973–1976 at the University of New Orleans, an adjunct professor at the University of Houston from 1980-1983, and an adjunct professor at the University of Texas from 1985–2010.

Dr Pore was a statistician at Lockheed from 1979–1991, at Advanced Micro Devices from 1991-2002, and at Sun Microsystems from 2005 -2007.