Whether you choose professional advice or manage your own investments, you will benefit greatly from the investment intelligence we share with all investors, clients or not. Our database of alerts to the more insightful articles and market forecasts from the leading financial journals and magazines will save you precious research time.

The valuable intelligence found in these articles will help you make much better investment decisions, increase your investment returns, and lower your investment risks.

Why do we share this intelligence gathering with you? Firstly, because when you make better investments, you benefit the overall economy – from which we all gain. Second, because one day you may want an investment advisor or money manager to help manage your investments and finances. When you see how seriously we take our craft, and appreciate the depth of opinion we gather on behalf of our clients, you may choose Investa as your advisor.

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Research shows that most investment and market analysis won’t help you to increase your investment returns and lower your investment risks. Over time, the majority of mutual funds fail to beat the indexes, even before taxes, while most investors significantly underperform their own investments due to limited emotional intelligence.

Of one hundred who look, only one can see. Of one hundred who see, only one can know – Old Proverb

There’s no shortage of (executive) talent. There’s only a shortage of talent that can recognize talent. – Jerry Wald

The principals at Investa have been collecting and filtering investment wisdom for over 25 years. They have honed their talent at recognizing which analysts and market pundits possess the most insight and investment wisdom.  The investment wisdom Investa shares with you will help make you a much better and more informed investor.

Maximizing your time

Like most investors, you probably don’t have all the time you need to read even a fraction of the articles that are published. Investa’s database of opinion make the task easier for you. By filtering and extracting the more salient analysis and predictions contained in an article, you will be able to determine which articles merit your reading time.

Investa ranks the collected wisdom as follows:

∫ – opinions and observations that are profound

π – opinions and observations that are shrewd

δ – opinions and observations that are notable

Investa excludes analysis and opinion that is biased or conditional, like that from company executives, political appointees, funded.

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