Investa Asset Management LLC (“Investa”) provides investment management and advisory services to individuals and institutional investors, including registered investment companies, private investment funds, financial institutions, private capital funds and hedge funds, annuity funds, charitable institutions, foundations, municipalities, endowment funds, corporations, corporate pension and profit-sharing plans, and Taft-Hartley plans.

Investa is a fee-only investment advisor. Investa does not sell investment products, insurance or annuity products. Investa is not affiliated with any broker-dealer firm or entities that sell financial products or securities. No commissions or finder’s fees are accepted.

Investa advises on most types of securities, including:

  • common and preferred stocks
  • investment-grade and non-investment grade corporate bonds (including private placements)
  • U.S.government and agency securities
  • convertible securities (including stocks and convertible corporate bonds)
  • stock and index options
  • real estate investment trusts
  • structured instruments
  • open and closed-end investment companies
  • hedge funds and master limited partnerships
  • direct participation programs, crowdfunding and angel investments

Investa provides financial planning services, usually, though not necessarily, in conjunction with its investment and wealth management services. Financial planning typically refers to a comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current and future financial needs. Recommendations are not limited to any specific product or service and can be of a generic nature. Investa will work with a client’s other professional advisors to develop a financial plan that takes into consideration any or all of the following areas:

  • Personal and family history
  • Tax and cash flow
  • Investments and investment alternatives
  • Insurance
  • College planning
  • Retirement goals and strategies
  • Death and disability
  • Estate plans and strategies

Investa does not participate in wrap fee programs.

Investa tailors its advisory services to the individual needs of the client, typically through personal discussions to establish goals and objectives based on the client’s individual objectives, time horizons, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, suitability, prior investment history, family composition and background, and other factors. Investa’s advice and recommendations are not limited to any specific product or service. Because some types of investments involve certain additional degrees of risk, they will only be implemented/recommended when consistent with Investa’s reasonable assessment of the client’s stated investment objectives, tolerance for risk, liquidity and suitability.

Clients may impose reasonable restrictions on investing in certain securities, types of securities, industry sectors, or recommended investment strategies.

Investa manages client investment portfolios on a discretionary and non-discretionary basis. Account supervision is guided by the client’s stated objectives (i.e., maximum capital appreciation, growth, income, or growth and income), as well as tax considerations.

Clients assets may include common and preferred equities, corporate or government debt, high‐yield fixed income securities, distressed debt and equities, convertible securities, currencies, interest rate positions, options, futures, swaps, derivatives, synthetic instruments, repurchase agreements, loan participations, over‐the‐counter transactions, restricted securities and securities issued by  privately held companies or other entities.

Investa can facilitate the opening of accounts, implementation of the asset allocation recommended in the investment plan, and rebalancing of the portfolio as needed for each client.

The minimum account size for all separate accounts is currently $250,000.