Salient to Investors:

Larry Trefz  writes:

The rally will continue until sentiment turns for the worse, then expect a correction of over 10%.

Warren Buffett sees says stocks are good value and cheaper than other forms of investment, while the dumbest investment is long-term government bonds.

Stan Druckenmiller sees a crisis coming that is potentially much worse than 2008, due to $211 trillion of unfunded liabilities resulting from ballooning Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs as current seniors steal from future seniors.

David Tepper at Appaloosa Mgmt is bullish for 2013 because there is nothing to be bearish about, and the US is on the verge of an explosion of greatness.

Leon Cooperman sees the same excitement as when Apple was at $700 and Facebook was at $38, though equities are the best house in the financial asset neighborhood. Cooperman says buying US government bonds today is basically walking in front of a steamroller and picking up a dime.

John Paulson is bullish on the US economy and stock market, and says the best investment for an individual is a house. Paulson is bullish on US energy, whose growth could translate to gains for related industries, like chemicals and petrochemicals, but is less bullish on credit, where long-term returns will be far smaller than in stocks.

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