Salient to Investors:

Larry Milstein at R.W. Pressprich does not know if we ar getting bang for the buck in economic improvement, but says there is clearly improvement, but nothing yet to make the Fed take its foot off the gas.

Michael Pond at Barclays said the rise in yields has presented a decent buying opportunity, because consumer spending will weigh on the economy and the back-up in rates is a overdone for now.

William Larkin at Cabot Money Mgmt said the employment number will make people question the validity of being in the ultra-safe trade.

Michael Franzese at ED&F Man Capital Markets said the Fed may start to come out of the equation as the big buyer, and the $85 billion may not last until January 2014.

Bill Gross at Pimco said today’s employment data won’t prompt the Fed to alter its stimulus measures, while Bernanke, Yellen and Dudley have made it obvious that even if unemployment gets to 6.5 percent, they are going to look around – at the participation rate, at the work rate, and at productivity.

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