Salient to Investors:

  • Gary Cohn at Goldman Sachs predicts oil will decline to as low as $30.
  • Astenbeck Capital Mgmt said shale oil will soon be needed to make up for global production declines, pushing US prices to as high as $65.
  • Giovanni Staunovo at UBS says oil is yet to bottom.
  • Bill O’Grady at Confluence Investment Mgmt says we are bottoming, with $60 the pivot point in the long run.
  • Miswin Mahesh at Barclays sees oil as low as $30 because supply surpluses will not disappear overnight.
  • Edward Morse at Citigroup sees oil as low as $20 and the recent surge just a head-fake, but expects a rebound to $75 in Q4 2015.
  • A Bloomberg Intelligence survey of 86 investment specialists predict the 2015 average price to range anywhere from $35 to $80.

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