Salient to Investors:

Peter Oppenheimer at Goldman Sachs said:

  • Quantitative easings have left little value in the credit markets, so investors should look for returns in European equities over bonds.
  • The STOXX Europe 600 could see annual returns of more than 7 percent despite stagnation in the euro area.
  • Because of a net absence of net flows into the equity market, particularly in Europe, equities have become almost an orphan asset class. As more central bank liquidity comes into the global economy, and because there is little value left in fixed-income markets, equities will benefit by default.
  • The current rally in European stock markets will continue strongly in 2013 because valuations are attractive and profits will grow through 2013 – the STOXX 600 outperformed U.S. markets in 2012 despite poor earnings due to their attractive valuations.
  • Look for companies with high-yields and strong balance sheets. Likes growth stories, which are scarce. Luxury goods, autos, insurance, and media will outperform in 2013.
  • The global economy will grow 3.3 percent in 2013 – Europe’s corporations are well-levered and will see top-line growth and overall profit growth of 9 percent.
  • Top pick for 2013 is the Japanese TOPIX index, with returns of 20 percent front loaded in half1,dependent on further easing by the BoJ.
  • Latin America will be relatively weak and will underperform in 2013.
  • The U.S. will do quite well as it’s more fully valued than other equity markets.

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