Salient to Investors:

Two states voting to legalize recreational use of marijuana marks the beginning of the end of the war on drugs – which has cost $1 trillion over the past four decades. The OECD says the US has over 3 times as many prisoners per capita as it did in 1980, and 10 times as many as other rich countries. 1.6 million Americans were arrested in 2010 on drug charges, most for using marijuana.

This week was America at its best, edgy, experimental, open-minded and brilliantly diverse.

Ed Luce said Obama has played 105 rounds of golf since he’s been President, only one with a Republican.

American has one of the world’s most antique, politicized and dysfunctional procedures for its elections.

Three of the ten biggest floods in lower Manhattan since 1900 have occurred in the last three years,  Jeff Sachs at Columbia University said the ocean has risen by almost a foot during the past century, so storm surges are more extreme. Bryan Walsh at Time magazine said nearly 4 million Americans live within just a few feet of high tide.

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