Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

  • China does infrastructure better than anyone in the world – trains, roads, airports, subways built at amazing speed, on a grand scale and with great foresight.
  • The HK Nicaragua Canal Development Investment Company, Ltd, will help finance a Nicaraguan canal at a total cost of about $40 billion.
  • The average wait to transit the Panama Canal can top 12 days. Panamax cargo ships, which carry  4,500 containers, are the biggest that can transit the Panama Canal. Triple E cargo ships can carry over 18,000 containers. Panama is revamping its canal to accommodate bigger ships, but still won’t be able handle to accommodate the biggest post-Panamex ships.
  • The enlargement of the Panama Canal is expected to be complete by 2015, but Colliers says only 10 of America’s 55 major commercial ports will be ready for the bigger ships. The US Army Corps of Engineers expects US imports to grow 4-fold and exports more than 7-fold over the next 30 years. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives America’s ports a C rating. For the last 20 years Congress has diverted more than half of the Federal Harbor Maintenance Tax collected.
  • In 18 years, 60 to 70 percent of shipping will be on the bigger post-Panamax ships.

Jeff Sachs at Columbia said:

  • Jack Kennedy came to profoundly distrust the CIA and the military on giving him advice on what would lead to peace – the CIA is trained to spy or to cause unrest and the military to fight wars.
  • Recent presidents have not had that discerning understanding that the security agencies will not make peace.
  • The path to peace is based on the idea that both sides have a strong stake in peace, that there are human beings on the other side.

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