Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

  • In 2014, 190 million Indians used the Internet versus 60 million in 2009 and 7 million in 2001 – by 2018, there will be 580 million users.
  • Boston Consulting Group estimates the number of Internet jobs could quadruple in the next 3 years, with rural internet users growing to 40% to 50% from 29% of the population in 2013.
  • Reuters estimates India’s 250,000 villages will be connected with broadband cable in 3 years.
  • Nick Kristof says it takes 25 gallons of water to take a bath, 1,800 gallons to make a pound of beef, 468 gallons for chicken, 880 gallons for a gallon of milk.

Stanley McChrystal said:

  • ISIS is not a traditional terrorist or religious movement but an organization taking advantage of the political and social erosion in the Middle East and which uses the new technological environment to seem like they are everywhere and know everything.
  • It will very difficult to produce any kind of lasting solution without a team of teams by nations in the Middle East region, all being stakeholders in the need to get Syria, Iraq, and others back into effective equilibrium, then empower them to execute – which means letting go of some control.

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