Salient to Investors:

The International Crisis Group said:

  • The Ebola outbreak threatens to become a political crisis that could unravel years of effort to stabilize West Africa – the worst-hit countries face widespread chaos and, potentially, collapse.
  • Adding social breakdown to the epidemic would create a disaster perhaps impossible to manage.
  • West African governments have tried to manage these crises unilaterally, ignoring that their citizenry are deeply linked and interdependent.
  • Special attention is needed also for Guinea-Bissau and The Gambia, both near the epicentre and with inadequate health systems.
  • The international community needs also to provide more resources to the longer-term problems of strengthening governance and rebuilding health-care systems.
  • Ebola has exposed citizens’ lack of trust in their government in already fragile societies, and in the three worst-hit countries past civil conflicts could resurface.

The WHO warned that Ebola infections could treble to 20,000 by November if efforts to tackle the outbreak were not stepped up.

Afri-Dev.Info said Liberia has a population of 4.2m population with 51 doctors, 978 nurses and midwives, and 269 pharmacists, and Sierra Leone has a population of 6m population with 136 doctors, 1,017 nurses and midwives, and 114 pharmacists.

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