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Advice After Stock Market Drop: Take Some Deep Breaths, and Don’t Do a Thing – The New York Times 08-21-15

Salient to Investors: Stocks are most useful for long-term goals so it does not make sense to change your investment strategy based on a blip (sic) of market activity. There is absolutely nothing abnormal going on in the market. Research shows that long-term portfolio performance suffers badly by missing just a few days


The Dumb Money Is Getting Smarter Every Day – Bloomberg 09-17-14

Salient to Investors: Amateur investors are giving up on trying to beat the market, while even the most sophisticated investors are rejecting strategies that require advanced math and managers with million-dollar salaries. ICI reports the average expense ratio on an equity mutual fund is down 25% in 10 years. Boston Consulting


Morningstar shocker: Active funds lose heat – MarketWatch 08-14-14

Salient to Investors: John Rekenthaler at Morningstar said: Over the trailing 12 months, 68% of net sales to mutual funds ended up in passive investing vehicles versus 32% active. Of $134 billion going into active funds, $30 billion is being placed in target-date funds. Low-cost, passive funds keep more of