Salient to Investors:

Harry Dent writes:

  • All the signs point to the end of the global bubble. The greatest trigger will be the bursting of the massive, unprecedented China bubble. China’s stock market loss of 35% in less than 30 days signals its stock bubble has peaked: a drop of 30% to 40% in short order is a clear sign of the first wave down in a major bust and the greatest sign that the next great global crash is imminent.
  • China’s stock market will bounce in the coming weeks and then crash again, with real estate and its economy to follow.
  • The Greek default proves that endless quantitative easing idiocy has proved unable to create sustainable long-term recoveries in highly indebted developed countries with poor demographic trends. Greece did the wrong thing by again kicking the can a little further down the road.
  • US stocks could be the last major market to make a new high before rolling over.
  • Oil prices will fall, killing the fracking industry, a $1 trillion investment with $600 billion of junk bonds and leveraged loans – much larger than Greece.
  • Emerging markets have led the global slowdown and are about to break to the downside out of a 4-month trading range.
  • Long-term rates for sovereign and Treasury bonds are rising despite governments stimulating and guaranteeing their economies. Rising long-term, risk-free rates hurt stock valuations and real estate even harder due to higher mortgage costs.
  • Gold will continue to fall but will have a minor bounce.

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