Salient to Investors:

The Legatum Prosperity Index attempts to broaden economic health beyond indicators such as GDP. The latest index shows:

  • The US slid from the top 10 for the first time – to 12th position
  • Norway, Denmark and Sweden were declared the most prosperous
  • The standing of the US economy has deteriorated to beneath that of 19 rivals:
    1. Respect for the government has fallen
    2. Fewer Americans perceive working hard gets you ahead
    3. Companies face higher startup costs
    4. The export of high-technology products is dropping.
  • Global prosperity has increased across all regions in the past four years.
  • Switzerland has the strongest economy and the best system of governance.
  • Denmark is the most entrepreneurial
  • New Zealand has the best education
  • Luxembourg has the best health
  • Iceland is the safest
  • Canadians enjoy the most personal freedom
  • Norwegians have the greatest social capital.

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