Salient to Investors:

Tom DeMark at DeMark Analytics said the DJIA will start declining if we get one daily close above 16,581, accompanied by an intraday high exceeding 16,661. DeMark said markets top on good news, not bad news, when you have exhausted the last vestige of buying.

Sam Stovall at S&P Capital IQ said the S&P 500 has risen for nearly 31 months without a decline of 10 percent or more, versus the average of 18 months since 1945.

Jeremy Grantham at Grantham Mayo Van Otterloo said the S&P 500 is 65 percent overvalued but will climb above 2,250 before collapsing after the next US presidential election.

The median economist expects the unemployment rate to fall to 6.6 percent this month.

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