Salient to Investors:

Matthew Smith at writes:
  • We have shifted toward an investor’s market rather than a stock picker’s market.
  • The rise in the 10-year T-yield is not a concern since we are still very near all-time low rates, and 30 to 50-year interest rates do not mirror the recent run-up.
  • Bullish on the US economy. Berkshire Hathaway stock is great indicator of the health of the U.S. economy – every bull market had a conglomerate that leads, such as GE in the past.
  • Bullish on railroads.
  • Bullish on all things housing and housing-related. Gradually rising rates indicate better growth for the US economy without inflation..
  • Buy homebuilders on expected weakness when talk of tapering returns.
  • The strength of the tech rally is being masked by some large big caps.

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