Salient to Investors:

Suze Orman says:

  • There is only one way to pay down credit card debt, from the highest interest rate down and pay the minimum on every card. Asking banks to lower the interest rate doesn’t work anymore. If you have a good FICO score then do a balance transfer to a credit union credit card – if federally chartered the maximum rate they can charge is 18 percent.
  • Avoid immediate annuities under most circumstances because they are calculated using current interest rates which are at record lows, so wait a few years for rates to rise . Most Financial advisors earn at least 4% commission when they sell you an immediate annuity.  The only way an immediate annuity makes sense is if you live to 100 or 150 or 120. You can easily get an 8-9 percent return yourself.
  • You can’t be happily married if you argue over money. All that matters is how you feel on the inside.

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