Salient to Investors:

A study of average home prices in the 50 largest housing markets over 117 rolling 5-yr periods since 1979 found:

  • Real estate prices regularly rollercoast.
  • The biggest risk of loss, 36.8% of the period, occurred in Hartford, Connecticut
  • The least risk of loss – the most stable real estate market – 0% of the period, occurred in Pittsburgh, PA and Buffalo, New York.
  • Las Vegas had the worst annual loss, -30.1% from October 2008 to September 2009, and the biggest annual gain, +51% from October 2003 to September 2004.
  • The best average annual gain of 6.6% over the past 25 years occurred in San Jose, California.
  • The rust-belt’s Detroit average annual gain of 2.3% beat the sun-belt’s Dallas-Fort Worth average annual gain of 2.1%.
  • Of the 20 riskiest markets, San Francisco is predicted to gain the most over the next 12 months, +12.6%, and 

Minneapolis-St. Paul the least, -1.5%.

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