Salient to Investors:

Tim McAleenan Jr. writes:

The Pareto Principle, also called the 80/20 Rule, states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the actors. Melanie Pinola at Lifehacker says 90% of Warren Buffett’s success at Berkshire Hathaway can be attributed to less than a dozen decisions.

This is one reason why it can be hazardous to follow the mindless rule “you can never go broke taking a profit”. You only have to have one successful investment “to make” it. Let your winners run.

The average Social Security check in this country is $1,200 per month. $10,000 in Altria (then Philip Morris) in 1990 would be averaging $1,568 in dividends per month today,  McDonald’s has grown its earnings by 12.5% and dividends by 26.5% this decade

All it takes is one Altria or McDonald’s in your portfolio for the long-term to make your investing career a success.

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