Salient to Investors:

Albert R. Hunt writes:

If Obama wins on Syria, most Republicans who supported him will want to distance on other issues; the party’s base is dominated by Obama haters. A loss would make his presidency appear impotent and damage the US’s global standing.

Strategist Tom Davis says if a Republican gives the president a vote on Syria, they will have to go back to the base on the fiscal stuff and maybe the Fed nomination.

Obama’s negotiating skills are suspect to many on Capitol Hill.

Fed front-runner Larry Summers is a contentious figure in a wide array of political constituencies. Many conservative Republicans hold him responsible for the economic stimulus and the rescue of the automobile industry, and because he was president of Harvard, a supposed hotbed of liberal orthodoxy.

A top Democratic Senate strategist says Obama would have a hard time selling a Summers nomination to the same liberal senators – Tom Harkin, Sherrod Brown and Elizabeth Warren – whom he is trying to woo on Syria.

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