Salient to Investors:

Doug Short at Advisor Perspectives writes:

The two 20th century recessions and major market sell-offs devastated the retirement readiness of a many people nearing retirement age.

The Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR) for age 25-64 cohorts peaked for men in May 1954 at 95.9%, for women in October 2004 at 72.8%, and for both in March 1998 at 80.2%.

The LFPR for the elderly plateaued in the mid-1980s, then increased slowly, and since January 2000 has soared by 50 percent, over 60 percent for elderly women.

Since 2000, the LFPR for under 45s has dropped from 66% to 56%, while the 45 and older workers have risen from 34% to 44%.

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