Salient to Investors:

Inflows into real estate ETFs in 2014 are 43 percent more than all of 2013.

Bloomberg said in 2014, 31 percent of money going into US sector-focused ETFs was for real estate.

Jim Sullivan at Green Street Advisors said the bond market correctly indicates an OK environment for cost of capital, with enough economic growth to keep buildings full to allow landlords to push rents a little.

Gavin James at Western Asset Mortgage Capital said deep discounts coming into the beginning part of 2014 combined with dividends woke people up to the fact that these REITs were attractive.

The dividend yield on the Bloomberg REIT index is 3.6 percent, while single-tenant REITs yield 5 percent.

Rich Moore at RBC Capital Markets said the reaction on REITs to the rise in interest rate was way overdone, while a paucity of new construction is helping landlords.

Paul Curbo at Invesco said new construction is low by historical standards. 

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