Salient to Investors:

Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson write:

  • We are entering the last stage of the 80-year New Economy Cycle
  • Commodities topped in 1920, 1951 and 1980.
  • The spending cycle is 39 years and the commodities cycle is 30 years.
  • Gold will fall to $750
  • The US economy will enter deflation
  • The Dow will fall to 3300 by late 2014
  • Unemployment will rise to 15%
  • House prices will fall 30%
  • Personal bankruptcies and foreclosures will soar because consumers have too much debt – $140,000 per capita,
  • State and municipal governments will default
  • The federal deficit will rise to $3 trillion due to revenue shortages.
  • The global credit crisis will continue. Spain is next.
  • Real estate and credit markets will under-perform for most of the next 13 to 14 years.

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