Salient to Investors:

JPMorgan report that stocks have retraced the pattern from the last two big market rallies and now face a decline in 2013 of over 50%.

Nouriel Roubini at NYU says there is a chance of an economic “perfect storm” in 2013 due to a worsening eurozone crisis, a hard landing for the Chinese economy, and war in the Middle East that could push oil prices above $200 a barrel.

Jim Rogers says investors should be very worried about 2013, citing the cycle of slowdowns every four to six years.

Robert Wiedemer predicts 50% unemployment, a 90% stock market drop, and 100% annual inflation starting in 2013, and blames Bernanke and Greenspan among others. Sam Stovall at S&P says Wiedemer makes a compelling argument and Paul Farrell at MarketWatch  called Wiedemer’s work “your bible.”

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