Salient to Investors:

Masahiro Koshiba at United Managers Japan said investors who had written off Japan are finally starting to take a look at it again.

David Baran at Symphony Financial there is a lot of idle cash looking for what has not performed and is still cheap.

Farhan Mumtaz at Eurekahedge said hedge-fund asset flows take a bit longer to materialize as opposed to money flows in the markets because investors first need to decide on which funds.

Bertrand De Mil at Gordian Capital Singapore said the many investors on the sidelines are wrong because Abe will deliver and the flow of money into Japan won’t stop.

Toshikazu Yamazaki at SRF Group said increasing demand for Japan-focused hedge funds will continue not just because of the rally in Japanese stocks, but more that the increase in market participants creates more opportunities for hedge funds.

Masamitsu Ohki at Stats Investment said Japan declined to the point of irrelevance which not reasonable.

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