Salient to Investors:

Hedge funds et al boosted net-long positions across 18 US futures and options last week, marking the longest stretch of gains in more than 6 months.

Michael Strauss at Commonfund said economically sensitive commodities will do well in a favorable global environment for commodities.

The Intl Copper Study Group and Johnson Matthey estimate the average automobile contains 50 pounds of copper and 4 grams of palladium, platinum or rhodium.

Stanley Crouch at Aegis Capital said the debt crisis in Europe has not been fixed and will be a drag on world economies including China and limit commodities demand. Crouch sees a systemic retracing of the risk-asset complex and commodities falling.

Mark Pervan et al at Australia & NZ Banking expect global demand for copper will rise 4.7 percent in 2013, driven primarily by a rise in Chinese consumption.

John Kinsey at Caldwell Investment Mgmt said 2013 expects higher copper prices in 2013 as the larger economies are improving, and interest in commodities is rising.

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