Salient to Investors:

  • Eric Zoldan at JHS Capital Advisors said that over the last two weeks, it is much clearer that while money is flowing out of all asset classes, it is not flowing out of the gold market, and that deteriorating global growth and demand is leading investors back to gold.
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch lowered its 2015 outlook for gold to $1,225.
  • Rob Haworth at US Bank Wealth Mgmt said gold prices are indicating a short-term shift in market sentiment rather than a change in underlying fundamentals – US fundamentals remain good, while European fundamentals are not horrible, and the economic story is not falling apart.
  • Ashmead Pringle at GreenHaven Commodity Services said corn and soybeans have bottomed here for a while as the big harvest has been discounted, and the harvest still has a good way to go in the major corn areas,
  • American consumer confidence rose is at the highest in 7 years.

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