Salient to Investors:

Fareed Zakaria said:

  • All through history, humans have advanced when they have been able to work together. Matt Ridley said human progress took off when human beings began exchanging things, ideas, skills, goods, services.
  •  Teamwork is the most crucial skill and yet education is mostly about solo performances.
  • If you want to innovate, think crazily, work with others, think big, be creative, and keep up with your math.

Walter Isaacson said:

  • Steve Jobs said creating a product is hard but creating a team, a company, is even harder.
  • Creativity is a team sport, a collaborative effort. You need a visionary and somebody who can everyday execute because vision without execution is just hallucination.
  • America has become a much more partisan society. The increased tension between government, corporations, and universities is diminishing the spirit that helped create the digital revolution.

Travis Kalanick of Uber said:

  • The most successful in Silicon Valley are the ones who do not accept failure ever – but are empathetic to reality.
  • Innovation is really about creative problem solving.
  • It’s so easy to talk about failure when you’re not failing. Those who talk of failure and how it is easy to do in Silicon Valley are people who have succeeded – but they were once scared out of their minds of failing.
  • It is very hard to be successful with something that the world hasn’t seen before.
  • America s dominance in technology will continue.
  • Beijing is a very young, vibrant Silicon Valley.

Peter Thiel said:

  • Most of what we call innovation is not innovation
  • Though we have had enormous innovation in the world of computers, we have had much less innovation in the world of atoms and energy and food technology, biotech, medicine, space travel, supersonic airplanes.
  • The companies that succeed in building breakthroughs are those that create the best bulk of all value.
  • Failure is very overrated. 20,000 people a year move to Los Angeles to become movie stars, but only 20 make it.

Linda Rottenberg at Endeavor said:

  • The two fastest growing groups in America that are starting businesses are women and baby boomers over 55. Yet only 6-8 percent of venture-backed businesses are started by women.
  • Entrepreneurs are a fancy word for doers, and are people who view the world differently and allow themselves to be contrarian.
  • Entrepreneurship is about a series of mini innovations and executing well.
  • You are the person that is holding you back.
  • The most successful entrepreneurs are those that believe being called crazy is a compliment and that if you are not called crazy you are not thinking big enough.

Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures said:

  • 80 percent of what doctors do will be done by computers in 20 years. There are 15,000 diseases, 15,000 devices, drugs, therapies, prescriptions so a doctor who graduated 25 or more years ago simply cannot remember what he learned. No cardiologist has read even 100 of the last 5,000 articles published last year on cardiac disease.
  • 20 years from now, there will be very few areas, maybe none, where human judgment is better than machine judgment.
  • The jobs eliminated will be those that people think of as work and drudgery
  • Within 50 years we will see an era of abundance and extremely high productivity – producing enough goods and services for all.

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