Salient to Investors:

  • Flows into emerging-market ETFs have turned positive for the year, reversing outflows in the first 2 1/2 months of 2014. The most inflows in 2014 have gone to India-focused ETFs. Investors have withdrawn $1.5 billion from China-targeted ETPs over concern over economic imbalances there.
  • The RSI of the BlackRock ETF is approaching the 70 mark that indicates overbought. The MSCI Developing-Nation stock index is at 11.2 times estimated earnings, the highest since 2011.
  • Adam Laird at Hargreaves Lansdown said emerging markets have grown in popularity in the past few months because nobody is 100 percent sure where the growth is going to come, but they know that the emerging economies are likely to see it.
  • Arko Sen at Bank of America said stronger US Treasuries and a more stable China has supported the entire emerging market complex. Sen said the major risk is geopolitics, like in Russia and the Middle East.
  • Mark Mobius at Templeton Emerging Markets predicts Chinese shares will rally, and likes state-owned banks and energy companies because of cheap valuations and plans to open up state-dominated industries.
  • Irene Bauer at Twenty20 Investments said they increased their emerging markets allocation to 25 percent of their portfolios, versus near zero 5-6 months ago, as the macro economic data has improved for many emerging-market countries, with India and China having particularly good outlooks.

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