Salient to Investors:

James Dunigan at PNC Wealth Mgmt said the fiscal cliff is  going to be very messy, though we’ll get there.

Alan Greenspan said the election perpetuated the political status quo and hasn’t increased the probability of resolving the fiscal challenges.

Barry Knapp at Barclays recommended cutting risk, and lowered his estimate for the S&P 500 end to end 2012 at 1,325 from 1,395 on concern a divided American government will delay a resolution over spending cuts and taxes.

James Paulsen at Wells Capital Mgmt sees a rush to safe haven due to the fiscal cliff and Europe.

Edward Mills at FBR Capital Markets said bankers were trying to delay hoping Romney would win so the floodgate will open for the final rules under Dodd-Frank to go into effect in the next three to six months.

Neil Strauss at Moody’s Investors Service said prolonged low interest rates is bad for insurers, resulting in lower investment earnings and profit compression on spread-based products, but higher reserve increases and meaningful writedowns of goodwill.

Lucas Pipes at Brean Capital Carret & Coal said there’s a perception that another Obama term is negative for coal.

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