Salient to Investors:

Mitch Tuchman at MarketRiders writes:

  • Google Trends shows people are getting interested in stocks again, and the market rally has unleashed media stories about small investors getting back into equities.
  • Stocks were never safe, nor will be.
  • The bond market implies all kinds of risks that most small investors ignore, such as credit risk, interest rate risk, and inflation risk.
  • Jack Bogle at Vanguard says stocks will double over the coming decade versus 35% for bonds.
  • True diversification includes hard assets, such as commodities, a mixture of stocks and bonds that includes foreign and emerging country shares, small-cap stocks, and real estate.
  • The key to risk-adjusted investing is to buy diversified index funds and ETFs, and own the correct mix of asset classes, with occasional rebalancing.

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