Salient to Investors:

EPFR Global said US equity funds took in a record $3.1 billion at the beginning of this year. The January rally is the biggest rally since 1987.

William Stone at PNC Wealth Mgmt said Berkshire Hathaway’s interest in NYSE Euronext indicates Buffett is saying maybe things will turn around and volume will come back.

Lawrence Creatura at Federated Investors said Buffett may have proposed buying NYSE Euronext because the shares were cheap at 11.6 times reported earnings in November versus a multiple of 16.3 for exchange operators around the world. Creatura said there’s a price tag for everything, even things that are not growing.

Larry Peruzzi at Cabrera Capital Markets said Buffett’s offer shows the industry is not dead and ready for a return to glory, a positive for exchange volumes.

Larry Tabb at the Tabb Group said Buffett is signaling confidence from a volume perspective and perhaps that fixed income is tapped out and we’ll see a rotation back into equities. Buffett sees the stock market as the best place to have money.

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