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Wall Street’s Latest Bounce – Ostrich Economics At Work – David Stockman’s Contra Corner 10-20-15

Salient to Investors: David Stockman writes: The price of financial assets is now artificial and wildly inaccurate. $300 trillion of global finance cannot remain stable much longer. Bulls believe the Fed is on hold until at least next March, while Wall Street is projecting S&P 500 earnings of $130 per share on an ex-items basis for


1 in 10 Canada Families Highly in Debt: Chart of the Day – Bloomberg 07-02-13

Salient to Investors: Michael Hsu at Ipsos says the share of Canadian households with debts greater than or equal to 250 percent of gross income reached a record 13.5 percent in 2012 then dropped to 11.4 percent in Q1 2013, though most of the debt is going into real estate


Trump Tower Woes Signal Top of Toronto Condo Market – Bloomberg 12-24-12

Salient to Investors: Toronto has more skyscrapers under construction than any other city in the world. John Andrew at Queen’s University said people buying units purely as an investment and not to live in is a sign that the Toronto market is on thin ice – the luxury market always feels the cracks of a