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Market Manipulation Goes Global – Project-Syndicate 07-27-15

Salient to Investors: Stephen Roach at Yale writes: Market manipulation a la China is now standard operating procedure in policy circles around the world – the West just dresses up their manipulation in different clothes. QE is essentially an aggressive effort to manipulate asset prices: whether it has succeeded is debatable


Did Soros Just Predict a China Crash? – Bloomberg 01-08-14

Salient to Investors: William Pesek writes: George Soros believes the main risk facing the world is a Chinese debt disaster that is unfolding in plain sight. Soros said China’s restarting of the furnaces also reignites exponential debt growth, which cannot be sustained for much longer than a couple of years. Soros


China 3% Growth Risk Seen by Barclays Signals Likonomics Anxiety – Bloomberg 07-28-13

Salient to Investors: Sudakshina Unnikrishnan and Jian Chang at Barclays say should China’s growth dip to 3 percent in the next 3 years, copper would fall more than 60 percent, zinc by up to 50 percent, and oil to $70 a barrel. They cite risks of slowing industrial production and of financial stress due to debt of


Stephen Roach: Fiscal Cliff is a Publicity Stunt – Bloomberg 12-19-12

Salient to Investors: Stephen Roach at Yale said: The fiscal cliff is moonshine, designed to make the politicians look good  ‘saving’ America. We are not going to go over the cliff as even dysfunctional politicians know it would be political and economic suicide. Expect a phony deal of $10 trillion back loaded in years 8, 9 and