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Ken Fisher Warns: RIA World Gone in 10 Years – ThinkAdvisor 11-21-13

Salient to Investors: Ken Fisher at Fisher Investments said: Ending QE would be the most bullish thing we can do because it is not a stimulus – it flattens the yield curve and slows things down. We are doing well despite QE, not because of it. Historically, a steeper yield


Billionaire Fisher Says U.S. Still in Middle of Stock Rally – Bloomberg 06-21-13

Salient to Investors: Ken Fisher at Fisher Investments said: The rally that began in 2009 is only in its middle stages because most investors still underestimate the strength of the economy – in between the transition from skepticism to optimism It is amazing that people do not marvel at the power of


Breaking Up Big Banks Hard to Do as Market Forces Fail – Bloomberg 06-27-12

Salient to Investors: Michael Price at MFP Investors said five of the six biggest U.S. banks are selling at or below tangible book value, meaning the pieces are worth more than the whole, including some wonderful assets. Bank of America has traded below book value since 2009, Citigroup since 2010. Ken Fisher at Fisher Investments, underweight bank stocks


Bank Investors Dismiss Moody’s Cuts as Years Too Late – Bloomberg 06-22-12

Salient to Investors: Downgrades of 15 global banks by Moody’s Investors Service were met instead by rallies in stocks and bonds. Gerard Cassidy at RBC Capital Markets said American banks are stronger than three years ago, and market prices have long reflected concerns raised by Moody’s. Moody’s announced on Feb. 15 that it was reviewing the