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Why Hedge Fund Hot Shots Finally Got Hammered – David Stockman’s Contra Corner 09-06-15

Salient to Investors: David Stockman writes: A growing chorus of investors blamed last week’s stock market sell-off on esoteric but increasingly influential trading strategies pioneered by hedge funds like Bridgewater. Hedge fund performance has benefited from broken capital markets rigged by the Fed. Thesecasino gamblers bought every one of the


Dalio Patched All Weather’s Rate Risk as U.S. Bonds Fell – Bloomberg 08-14-13

Salient to Investors: The decline at Bridgewater Associates’ All Weather fund and similar funds shows allocating assets between stocks and bonds can leave investors overexposed to rising interest rates. Ramin Nakisa at UBS Investment Bank said June’s sell-off in Treasuries and inflation-linked bonds was just a dress rehearsal for the volatility awaiting