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Macquarie: Emerging Markets Are Not Facing a 1997-Style Crisis—They’re Facing Something Worse – Bloomberg Business 09-16-15

Salient to Investors: Viktor Shvets and Chetan Seth at Macquarie said: Emerging markets and economies are in a worse situation than in the 1997 Asian financial crisis because they now face far longer, more painful and insidious disease with limited or no cures or exits, punctuated by occasional significant flare-ups. The effect


China Lures Less Investment Than Southeast Asia, BofA Reports – Bloomberg 03-04-14

Salient to Investors: Chua Hak Bin at Bank of America Merrill Lynch said:   Total foreign direct investment into Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand was $128.4 billion in 2103 versus $117.6 billion for China. Rising foreign direct investment into Asean will remain a favorable structural trend over the


Irrational Exuberance Overtakes Asia – Bloomberg 12-12-13

Salient to Investors: William Pesek is  writes: The “Greenspan put” that flooded markets with cash whenever things got dicey has become the default position in Washington, while in Asia there is an even more dangerous escalation of this policy in papering over cracks in economies that desperately need tougher, structural


Don’t Blame the Fed for Asia’s Problems – Bloomberg 08-26-13

Salient to Investors: William Pesek writes: Another 1997-like Asian crisis is highly unlikely because exchange rates are now more flexible, foreign-currency debt is lower, banks are healthier, countries are sitting on trillions of dollars of reserves, and economies are far more transparent. The same can’t be said of 1994, when the


Pesek’s View From Asia – Bloomberg 08-02-13

Salient to Investors: William Pesek writes: Former George Soros advisor Takeshi Fujimaki  said Abe delaying increasing Japan’s sales tax would worsen Japan’s debt profile, while Fed tapering would cause a fresh credit crunch that would slam Japan’s bond market. When Li Ka-Shing, Asia’s richest man, is turning to Europe as Hong Kong


BRIC Bust Seen in Emerging Market Discontent With Growth – Bloomberg 07-22-13

Salient to Investors: Stretched budgets and sluggish growth are putting emerging-market governments on a collision course with rising pressures from recently empowered middle classes for more spending and better services. Policy makers face the end to an era of abundant global liquidity that helped fuel the fastest expansion in three decades. The