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Emerging Stocks Drop to Four-Month Low Amid Hong Kong Protests – Bloomberg 09-29-14

Salient to Investors: Hertta Alava at FIM Asset Mgmt said Hong Kong is usually very safe so the riots are unexpected, while Russia’s economy is getting weaker. Dmitry Polevoy at ING said the market is getting closer to panic, while the ‘ghost’ of peak external debt payments in September and


What Putin Wrought Has World Asking What Russia Might Have Been – Bloomberg 09-29-14

Salient to Investors: Michael McFaul at Stanford University sees long-term damage to Russia from Putin’s new direction. Anders Aslund at the Peterson Institute for Intl Economics sees a similar shortfall in Russia’s 2014 growth to 2013’s growth of 1.3%, and versus IMF’s 2013 forecast of 3.9%. Alexei Kudrin expects Russia to post zero


HSBC Sage Flags Emerging-Market Pullback on Dollar – Bloomberg 08-07-14

Salient to Investors: David Bloom at HSBC said to sell emerging market currencies, including the Rand, Ruble and Mexican and Colombian Peso, on increasing signs of US growth supporting the US dollar .  Bloom said a mass investor exodus depends on what happens to volatility on long-term US rates moving up – if long


Did Bernanke Signal Return of Risk-Off Market? – Bloomberg 06-27-13

Salient to Investors: A. Gary Shilling at A. Gary Shilling & Co. writes: Short stocks and commodities, go long the dollar and Treasuries – if stocks continue to decline, the safety of Treasuries and investment-grade bonds will outweigh concerns about the end of QE. World economies are growing slowly at


JPMorgan Sees Emerging-Market Debt in ‘Sweet Spot’ as QE3 Starts – Bloomberg 09-27-12

Salient to Investors: Joyce Chang at JPMorgan Chase said QE3 puts emerging-market corporate and sovereign debt in a sweet spot by reducing bond supply and prompting investors to seek higher-yielding debt – modest borrowing by emerging-market governments and companies has avoided a supply glut. Chang favors commodity-related currencies including the Russian ruble, Mexican peso and


BRICs Biggest Currency Depreciation Since 1998 to Worsen – Bloomberg 06-25-12

Salient to Investors: For the first time in 13 years, the real, ruble and rupee are weakening the most among developing-nation currencies, while the yuan has depreciated more than in any other period since its 1994 devaluation. Investors are fleeing the BRICs, after Brazil’s consumer default rate rose to the